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6 Tips in Styling Your Lessandra Home

September 28th, 2020 | Share via:

Getting your own house is a thrilling experience, isn’t it? You can’t help but think that, finally, you have more freedom in decorating and organizing your place. Unlike before, you don’t have to limit yourself to what your landlord or elder allows.

After buying a house, the challenge now is how to style the interior. What kind of furnishings should you have? How do you make your home as relaxing as possible? These are just a couple of questions you might have.

Styling a home is both fun and tricky. At first, it’s exciting to browse Pinterest for ideas. After some time, the countless ideas can make it hard to decide.

It’s a great thing that you can buy an affordable house and lot in the Philippines. With the funds you can save up, you would be able to buy a few decors here and there. Here are some home styling tips you can try when you decorate: 


Mirrors, mirrors on the wall, who has the coziest home of all?

1. Brighten up your home.

Have you noticed how gloomy you feel when you’re stuck in a dark room? Obviously, bright lights are the solution.

Consult an electrician to change bulbs or to install more. Add pendant lights above your dining table. Have uniform, modern-looking wall sconces all throughout your home as well.

You should also consider mirrors as they reflect lights. For small spaces like bathroom and foyer, they can add depth which makes the areas look bigger. With a statement mirror, you can liven up an otherwise dull-looking wall. 

2. Embrace softness.

Spice up your solid-colored couch with throw pillows of the same size but of different colors and patterns. Put cushions to your wooden dining chairs, too.

Make your bathroom trips comfier thanks to a jelly roll rug under your feet. An area rug is also a nice addition to your bedroom or living room.

3. Unleash your inner plantito or plantita.


Green is in!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been gardening for years or you’re just following the trend. Having indoor plants is always cool.

Start with a few cacti or succulents. Feature them as centerpiece for your coffee table. You can also display your potted collections on a plant stand near the window.

If you’re new at indoor gardening, choose sturdy options such as spider plant and snake plant. In case you like showy foliage, you can’t go wrong with caladiums and elephant ears.

Don’t just stick to trendy plants and planters. You don’t have to keep everything indoors as well. It’s your house and lot, remember? You can cultivate blooms and herbs for colors and spices respectively. For those who have a green thumb, taking care of a bonsai is a must-try.

4. Feature a macrame craft. 

Nothing screams maaliwalas the way macrame crafts do. An indoor hammock or swing can remind you of relaxing in between two palm trees on the beach. Get plant hangers for your potted home buddies, too. Another option is to hang a macrame craft on the wall.


Macrame art, check. Pendant light, check. Snake plant, check.

5. Turn a corner into a relaxation spot.

Corners are often reserved for things like potted plants and, well, trash cans. Change that by making it your favorite spot next to your bed.

Creating a reading nook is a good idea. Simply put a floor cushion, throw pillows and a floor-standing reading lamp. (Instead of a floor cushion, a woven chair or an indoor swing will also do.)

You can practice playing the guitar here as well. Cuddling with your special someone is also welcome. 

6. Personalize.

One of the best things about having your own house is that you can sell or lease it in the future. It’s your real estate investment after all. But for now, treat it as your own without worrying about future homebuyers or tenants.

Making your home your own involves personalizing it. One way to do so is by featuring your favorite things or memories.

For example, you can hang a series of framed pictures. You can also print your photos on vinyl stickers and stick them to the walls.

Put the spotlight on your collections, too. Arrange them on a display cabinet or floating shelves.

Keep in mind that a cozy home isn’t just a place you style by yourself; it’s also something built as such. Thankfully, there’s Lessandra which offers maaliwalas homes that are already constructed. No need to worry about the construction and exterior. Instead, focus on styling the inside and more importantly, enjoying the comforts within.

If you can’t wait to get your cozy home, see Lessandra projects in your preferred location. For more info, visit  and Lessandra’s official pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.