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Top 6 Property Listings for Pre-selling House and Lot in the Philippines

October 27th, 2020 | Share via:

Pre-selling homes are basically properties that are yet to be finished. They’re often touted as cheaper than their completed counterparts a.k.a. ready-for-occupancy (RFO) properties. Choosing the former also lets buyers pick their preferred locations. If your selected property is in an ideal location, you can recoup some expenses by renting it out or selling it to a higher value once it’s finished. All in all, these make a pre-selling house and lot an attractive investment.

Thanks to property listings, finding such property investment is made easier. Below are the top 6 sites to browse for pre-selling houses.

Search and scrutinize your next potential investment.
Search and scrutinize your next potential investment.


1. DotProperty

This website is highly recommended if you’re mainly searching for affordable house and lots in the Philippines. After all, you can view a sample of mortgage calculation under each listing for pre-selling homes.

With, contacting agents or sellers is made more convenient as the site provides multiple contact info. Aside from directly calling or sending a text message, you can also get in touch with them via Viber, WeChat, or WhatsApp.

2. Hoppler

As evident on its user-friendly yet professional-looking website, Hoppler is a premier real estate website in the Philippines. Whether you’re buying or renting, it has the offers that closely match your preferences. From the homepage, you can already filter the listing with buy and rent options.

If you are looking for pre-selling ones, you might be in for a good deal as the site provides exclusive discounts and deals.

Gearing up for more property investments in the future? Hoppler can also help you. You can read their blog posts about the latest trends on the industry and information about upcoming land development projects.

3. MyProperty has one of the most organized interfaces among property listing sites. Their listings are also notable for being extensive as they cover residential, commercial, and even industrial real estate properties.

Under the New Development on, you will see up-and-coming condominiums and townhouses. There are pre-selling houses and lots on this website as well.

Through careful research and secured financing, you’re a step closer to your haven and investment.
Through careful research and secured financing, you’re a step closer to your haven and investment.


The pre-selling properties featured on this site bear images of the houses and even condominium units being built. These images aren’t heavily edited as those you can encounter on other sites. The description under each listing also highlights the number and kinds of rooms on each property.

4. Carousell

Formerly OLX, Carousell offers a listing for a variety of products – from consumer goods to real estate properties.

For real estate, just click on the Property tab and you will be led to different real estate investment options – apartment and condo, house and lot, townhouse, lot, and even memorial lot. The website of Carousell is user-friendly. You can filter the results based on the criteria that you are looking for, may it be new, pre-selling, pre-owned, or foreclosed. You can also narrow down the list by choosing the location and specifying the budget you have in mind.

Buy your home without breaking the bank.
Buy your home without breaking the bank.


5. Ohmyhome

After its success in Singapore and Malaysia, Ohmyhome is now making a mark in the Philippine real estate industry. It even made property-hunting more fun thanks to its app. From its homepage, you can choose whether you want to have a top-rated agent to help you out on your listing, or buy, sell, or rent your estate on your own.

If you want to the pre-selling properties on the site, you can just click or tap the New Properties. Then, you can choose the pre-selling tab featured near the top of the page. Details of the selected project are indicated such as the property description, amenities, price range, and landmarks. On top of this, you can also schedule a virtual tour through its website!

6. PropertyFinderPh

Property Finder has been a real estate marketplace for more than a decade. The website allows banner ads too (in addition to listings). More importantly, it has a list of pre-selling houses.

This site narrows down the choices for you. This is a good thing if you already have a set budget, a preferred property size range, and a location in mind. In case you’re not satisfied with your initial search results, you can always adjust your indicated budget and property range.

You can also visit the Latest Developments section of Property Finder. Here, you’ll get leads on the projects of leading developers in the country.

When buying a house, particularly a pre-selling one, always factor in the developer behind it. Stick to reputable real estate developers, but don’t limit your choices to established brands. You might want to consider emerging ones, too. Just make sure you also research on their previous projects.

Are you searching for a pre-selling property? Check out Lessandra’s project listings and look for an ideal option for you.