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Meet the Sorsogueños!

December 11th, 2020 | Share via:

Home to many beautiful tourist attractions and booming infrastructure developments, the province of Sorsogon in the Bicol region is considered the next property investment destination by many Filipinos.

Sorsogon City, the capital of the province, is perfect for individuals wanting to live in a less crowded and pollution-free community. Investing in a quality and affordable house and lot in this city, particularly in Lessandra Sorsogon, will let you experience how it is like living and mingling with Sorsogueños, and basically, living a great life.

More than the conveniences an ideal home place can offer, it is a huge plus to feel welcomed by neighbors, especially when moving to a new place. Living in Sorsogon is a great experience, and it is made even greater with the kind and hospitable locals all over the province.

Feeling at home does not just rely on the immediate family. It also relies on the community around you. Get to know more about some of the notable characteristics of the locals of Sorsogon!

1. Sorsogueños are religious. Being mostly Roman Catholics, they are active in festivities celebrated throughout the year. Each town honors a Patron Saint by celebrating its feast day, locally called fiesta. In Sorsogon City, the feast days of Saint Peter and Saint Paul are celebrated every June 28-29 each year.

Source: Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Sorsogon City

2. Sorsogueños are warm, friendly, and hospitable. Local and international tourists witness the friendliness of the locals during social celebrations and fiestas. Just by hearing Sorsogueños’ local greeting, “Dagos tabi!” (Please come in, you are most welcome!), makes non-locals immediately feel welcome and at home in Sorsogon.

Source: It’s More Fun in Sorsogon

3. Sorsogueños are passionate and lovable. These characteristics are evident in their dance of love and courtship in the street, known as "Pantomina sa Tinampo". This folk dance depicts the sweetness and sincerity in wooing their loved ones.

Last October 2019, Pantomina sa Tinampo was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “largest Philippine folk dance”, with over 7,000 Sorsogon residents performing this Bicolano courtship dance!

Source: Kasanggayahan 2019

4. Sorsogueños have close family ties. Many of them choose to live with or near their family. They maintain close ties even with their extended families, forming tighter bonds and stronger foundations. They also value their loved ones’ opinions when it comes to decision-making.

These are just some of the remarkable traits people of Sorsogon have. Aside from the beautiful and unspoiled tourist destinations and delicious foods, this province in Bicol also takes pride in its warm and accommodating people, making up for a great community.

Great communities in this province is definitely not hard to find. One of the great communities in Sorsogon City is Lessandra Sorsgon. Imagine living in a maaliwalas neighborhood, surrounded with great neighbors that makes starting a new chapter of your life much easier and comfortable.

A Lessandra home is the best first step towards a maaliwalas life in this progressive province in the Bicol Region. Offering quality and affordable house and lots, Lessandra Sorsogon lets every homeowner experience the life in a safe, secure, and welcoming community!