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Simple Practices for a Happier Home

January 29th, 2021 | Share via:

What brings happiness to people?  Arguably, multiple factors do. It is challenging to isolate it from one perspective as it is entirely subjective. It has to do with what you feel, your overall satisfaction with your belongings, your life, and the people you are with. It has something to do with your emotions based on your current state. Although it is vague, one way to look at it is through your life at home.

Your house is your comfort zone, your retreat to recharge from all the stressors of life- your happy place. A sanctuary where you can be yourself and do things without worrying about others, nurtures a vibrant life.

Lessandra's Happy Home
Lessandra's Happy Home

Photo from Lessandra Official

Here are some simple practices you can do to make your place a happier one.

1. Tidy Up!

Several studies show that a clean space elevates the mood of the people, making them calm and not irritable. It is further associated with the inhabitants’ health too. A study conducted by Indiana showed that people with cleaner quarters tend to be healthier than those who live in a messy one.

Keeping your space spotless all the time may be impossible for most people but maintaining it clutter-free and organized is another thing. All areas may require different levels of attention when it comes to its cleaning needs. Your resting spot, the bedroom, must be kept clean, organized, and fragrant all the time.

Quoting Admiral William H. McRaven’s famous words of advice,

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.  It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.”

Backed by Science, the feeling of accomplishing several tasks motivates you to do more and reduces stress too.When you finish something and are satisfied with it, your brain releases dopamine, which sources out excitement and motivation linked to happiness.

Additionally, tidying up makes your whole area easier to move around it.  It makes doing your activities more comfortable for you.

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2. Display Decors You Love

Your personal space is where you head to after a long day at work. Setting it up with the things you like and prefer will bring you joy and a settling feeling of calmness that makes your heart flutter. Identify the things that make you remember the good times, those that bring a smile to your lips. Incorporate what you love in your interior design. You can paint your walls your favorite color, hang a picture of your family on the wall, or print your pet’s picture on your pillowcase. Let your show your personality and synchronized with it. This empowers you and allows you to express all that you are on the types of furniture, painting, and other pieces that make up your own humble abode.

Your place is your haven. It must enable you to regain your energy, heal from the pain, stress, and sadness of life. Surrounding yourself with what and who you love gives you that. It revitalizes your strength and give you courage and hope to move forward in life.

Photos from Home O’clock Captures and Images

3. Dedicate a Room for Fun and Games

Life can get tougher, work can get more demanding of your time that often you forget to enjoy life as it is. It is important to have a fun time. Make use of your house’s extra rooms for activities that are enjoyable for you and the family. You can maximize the corners of your abode and turn it into a recharging spot with the toys and things to tinker and feel ecstatic about.

An outdoor retreat also makes a good idea for active games that requires some mobility.

The book Exercise psychology: The influence of physical exercise on psychological processes suggests that doing physical activities is an effective way to sweat up, de-stress, and shake off burnout from work. This way, your outdoor retreat becomes your playground to rejuvenate and live a happier life.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

4. Practice Gratitude

Living life with gratitude for the things you have and the people you are with makes you happier and more satisfied. Practicing gratitude promotes self-contentment, respect, and good relationships. Being thankful gives a positive outlook on life. It makes a sourcing ground of hope and positivity you can use as a weapon to the ever-challenging battle against your problems.

Express gratitude through several acts like uttering the words “Thank you” to your family or the people you live with. Let them know that you appreciate what they do and that they do great. It validates them and encourages them to express the same gratitude towards you and others too.

You can also make a personal gratitude journal where you can make a list of the blessings you received. You can do it every day, first thing in the morning and before bedtime. It’s an excellent way to check how your day went and recognize what you should be thankful for. Another way is to make a gratitude wall. Everyone in the family is obliged to contribute. Research studies conducted by the Positive Psychology team show that gratitude and happiness are two strongly correlated things. Living a grateful life opens you to more possibilities with a healthy mind and a happy heart despite adversities. It’s a practice you can start on your own which you can, later on, share with others at work, to spread goodness to everyone.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

5. Speak Good Words

A home is not just a structure. It goes beyond being just a house and lot to live in. It includes your loved ones. Speak only good words to one another and complement each other. Be in a synchronized relationship with the people you live with. Unpleasant words and shouting will only agitate everyone. It causes problems and misunderstandings among the family. Spread only good vibes, words of reassurance and affirmation with them, and have a happier life.

You can practice a daily routine of greeting each other a good day, wishing each other the best of luck at work or school, and asking them how their day went. This kind of conversation will come a long way, making you aware and sensitive of each other’s feelings.

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It is not always the extravagant efforts that build a happy home. Sometimes, it only takes five simple practices to do so. Happiness, although subjective, needs to have a starting point such as your comfort zone, your shelter. Make it the nest of all the positive attitudes that would help you achieve greatness in life.

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A cozy spot in a vibrant, scenic, safe, and secure community would make the happiest place for you. It enables you to grow your best self, healthily, and happily with utmost security.