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Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

February 8th, 2021 | Share via:

It’s the month of affection and intimacy again - February! Having the shortest number of days, February stands out among the other months. It is the month of love, the season of emphasizing relationships, expressing undying tenderness and commitment, and all of its other staples - like roses, gifts, and chocolates.

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In a few days is the anticipated Valentine’s Day. It’s not a holiday, but most people find time to make it a memorable day- especially the lovers. Although it is strongly associated with romantic relationships, it’s also a celebration of all other kinds of commitment. Love is a universal emotion that secures, accepts, and respects. One example is our unconditional devotion to our families. As cliché as it may sound, Valentine’s isn’t just for lovers. It’s for everyone including you and your family.

What better way to make this year’s celebration of love memorable for your family than giving them a gift they could keep and cherish forever?

Here are some things you can get for your mom, dad, sister, and brother this February 14 that they will be thankful for!

1. A Pair of Shoes for Brother

Men adore shoes as much as women do- or even more so. A study done by Mintel, a research company, showed that men spend relatively higher than the other sex on shoes. Giving your brother a new pair might just be the rightest thing for you to do.

There are a few shoe stores online that you can check and buy from, but first, know what your brother actually likes and his foot size. If you don’t have an idea yet, you might want to check his existing pairs and see the type he wears. You can also opt to low-key ask him what his dream shoes are. One way or another, you’ll figure out the right pair for him.

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2. New set of Make- Up for Sister

Women are now more empowered than before. This is probably because of their exposure to tools that liberates them from the chains of insecurity, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence such as beauty tools. Some studies show that women who wear makeup appear to be more confident than in their previous state. Buying your sister a new set of makeup this Valentines can be like giving her more reasons to feel confident about herself.  She can be one of those self-made makeup artists or the empowered ones who express themselves through colors and palettes on their faces. It can be such a great new hobby that she can learn or grow to like, too.

Several makeup lines are available online; you can check them and see which ones the perfect set to give your sister this 14th.  There are amazing local stores that offer great products too! You might want to get it from them and support more women make a noise in the business sector.

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3. Appliances for Mom and Dad

As part of aging, your parents will likely not be as mobile as they were before. Nonetheless, they continue to serve you like they always do.  Not doing anything at home may be impossible for them as they are used to doing a lot of things when you were still young. Parents can be forceful about what they want, that not letting them do it can be a lot more stressful than letting them do so.

With this in mind, you can get them something to help them accomplish their chores. Surprising them with a couple of home appliances will make them feel ecstatic this 14th. You can choose various home tools and machines based on their favorite tasks and activities at home. For cooking, an air fryer sounds good. Using such device will let your mom and dad avoid the hustle of manual cooking plus, it makes preparing meals fun and modern in a way. You can also get them a vacuum cleaner so that polishing the entire place can be more fun and less tiring.

This technology era is all about making people's lives easier and lighter. Luckily your parents can experience the ease of working with more innovations and machines coming up. Find the perfect match for your parents’ day to day needs to feel cozy at home by visiting some notable shops online.

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4. House and Lot for the Whole Family

Based on the recent data gathered by Lamudi, houses and lands have the most searches among property types in the market. The need for every family to have a place of their own is still prevalent thus, the demand skyrocket. However, despite these numbers, many are still on the renting side for reasons like the high cost in investing in real estate and inadequate knowledge about it.

If you are still renting or if you are in a community that does not fit your lifestyle anymore, you have to seriously consider this one-of-a-kind gift, a property. Save yourself from the trouble of choosing which gift to give to whom and just get one valuable present for the whole family, such as a Lessandra's affordable homes.

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Every Lessandra community is located in promising and progressive spots all over the country. It has 24/7 security personnel to ensure that your safety is guaranteed all the time. It also has amenities for all members of the family to enjoy – a playground, basketball court, spacious clubhouse, and swimming pool you and your family will have the luxury of using.

The idea can be overwhelming but with enough information and a trusted brand like Lessandra, the whole process can be a lot easier than you could have ever imagined. It has everything you need, from its variety of affordable quality houses up to its functional community features.

Additionally, all Lessandra communities are located in prime locations, making Lessandra homes the best choice for house and lot gift. Its scenic communities are nestled in the heart of booming regions of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  Everything you and your family deserve is in Lessandra.

Whatever you pick on the list, choose it with a genuine heart that only wishes greatness and happiness for everyone. Let this month be a reminder that you are worthy and capable of loving yourself and others.