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Blue Waterfalls and Caves in Baggao Cagayan


Forever Homes and Exciting Getaways in Cagayan Province!

February 11th, 2021 | Share via:

The Cagayan Province in Region II Cagayan Valley is one of the most peaceful places in the Philippines that is rich in natural wonders. These majestic formations captivate not just the residents but also people from different points of the country.

Whether it is just a simple vacation break or an option for an ideal home space, Cagayan deserves a spot in the pool of ideal provinces to consider in the country. By taking advantage of the vast resources in agriculture, Cagayan, with Tuguegarao City as its provincial capital, kept up with the rapid progress while maintaining the beauty of the tourist-loved wonders all over the province, and the region.

Trip to Cagayan

With the different modes of transportation available all over the country, there are a lot of options for travelers when going to Cagayan. This makes the province an ideal destination despite limited budgets, and an ideal home for locals constantly going in and out of the province.

From South Luzon and Metro Manila, going to Cagayan by land is possible by taking expressways like North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). There are also national roads such as Pan-Philippine Highway and Santiago-Tuguegarao Road that bridge the mentioned expressways to Cagayan. Traveling by land takes 13 hours at most.

Tuguegarao Airport
Tuguegarao Airport


For a shorter travel time, Tuguegarao Airport makes the province easier to access from Metro Manila and other parts of the country. Traveling to Cagayan takes at least 2 hours from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Experiencing the peaceful and suburban life this province in Region II offers is made more achievable by its growing accessibility from the country’s top business cities such as Metro Manila and the soon to rise New Clark City situated in the provinces of Tarlac and Pampanga. More than this, the whole Cagayan Valley is also veering towards a more economically healthy place, given its effort in maintaining the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

Must-visit: Thrilling Nature Wonders

One of the main reasons why people fall in love with certain provinces and cities is because of the unique spots and activities it has to offer. Similar to the other worldwide famous destinations in the Philippines like Cebu and Metro Manila, Cagayan also offers one-of-a-kind tourist spots that invite people all over the country and the world to visit and explore.

Refreshing sceneries and calming nature pockets always seal the deal when it comes to identifying wonderful places to visit. Cagayan, being situated in the middle of mountain ranges, surely exhibits lots of amazing natural formations to explore and appreciate.

Callao Cave
Callao Cave


Among the most visited destinations in the Cagayan is the Callao Cave. This ecotourism wonder showcases both the beauty of the nature and of the history the entire province. This famous tourist destination is composed of several cave systems which, includes the well-known Sierra Cave.

While exhibiting majestic rock formations, Callao Cave is also famous for its contribution to the history of life existence in the Philippines. Since 2007, it has been dubbed as a pre-historic site. The exact place where the fossil that proved human existence in the country 67,000 years ago became one of the top attractions inside this top attraction

Pinacanauan River
Pinacanauan River

Source: Tessa Pagdanganan on Flickr

When it comes to appealing to people’s knack for an exciting activity, Cagayan also has something to offer. The Pinacanauan River, stretching beside the Callao Cave, offers whitewater rafting and kayaking experience with its Class I and II rapids. Visitors can also swim in the calmer parts of this clear water river.

Pinacanauan River also serves a purpose to the locals in Cagayan, being a source of irrigation for the nearby farmlands.

Blue Waterfalls and Caves in Baggao Cagayan
Blue Waterfalls and Caves in Baggao Cagayan

Source: I Love Baggao Facebook Page

There are also yet-to-be-discovered gems in Cagayan such as Blue Waterfalls and Caves in Baggao. This natural water park is a perfect spot for plain sight-seeing by the endless blue waterfalls or an adventurous canyoneering experience. This destination truly captures the life surrounded by the beauty nature beholds: right in the middle of enchanting tropical plants.

Forever Home: The Life in the Valley

Cagayan does not just offer fun and relaxation to its tourists and locals. It is also a home for many people, one where residents get to experience every day the satisfaction of living in a place like Cagayan.

Finding the perfect residence is always a challenge, with a more than fulfilling accomplishment in the end. In Cagayan, there are community developments that do not only offer safety and security, but also a chance to a life well-lived.

Similar to the other prime points in the Philippines, there are also tons of offerings of quality and affordable house and lot in Cagayan. Through one of the leading real estate developers in the country, Lessandra, every homebuyer seeking for their own space of a lifetime can start a maaliwalas life at any point in their life.

In Brgy. Carig Norte, Tuguegarao City, a 17-hectare, Spanish Mediterranean-inspired neighborhood offers affordable homes built for a lifetime living experience satisfaction. Investing in a house and lot in Lessandra Cagayan also means investing in a worry-free life and a secured future.

Homeowners’ satisfaction is further guaranteed with the pockets of leisure space within the subdivision. Every day can be made more exciting by spending time in the Play Area and Basketball Court. The Club House can also be the main reception when celebrating life’s milestones. Sealing the deal of a life well-lived, this neighborhood also guarantees 24/7 safety and security the CCTVs, roving and stationary guards, and community gate.

A drive away from Lessandra Cagayan is Lessandra Tuguegarao, another maaliwalas community with quality Lessandra houses in the province. Situated in Brgy. Larion Alto, Tuguegarao City, this 8-hectare, Spanish Mediterranean inspired subdivision allows residents to thrive in a healthy place close to the opportunities offered in the city.

With the worry-free life further accentuated with amenities similar to Lessandra Cagayan, life in Lessandra Tuguegarao provides the same assurance of a maaliwalas life achieved, a trademark for every Lessandra home and community nationwide.

These Lessandra communities provide ideal own spaces for the prospective residents of Cagayan. The neighborhoods situate current and future homeowners in a quality house generously surrounded with the beauty of nature.

Ideal own space and a life filled with haven getaways—this is the potential life up north in the Philippines. Locals and future residents spend their years enjoying the beautiful, progressive, and peaceful life Cagayan Province can offer.

Lessandra is an affordable house and lot developer. For house and lot offerings in the Cagayan Province, check out Lessandra Cagayan, Lessandra Tuguegarao, Lessandra Cauayan and Lessandra Santiago.