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Home Purchase: A Beautiful and Perfect Investment

May 26th, 2021 | Share via:

Going through primary school to tertiary education, children tend to measure success on the basis of a person acquiring a car, well-off images on social media, and a house and lot that comes along with the profile.  All eyes are set on seeing your batchmates either flaunting luxurious investments, traveling around the globe here and there, displaying opulence relentlessly.

Being raised in a family, who tries to make both ends meet, makes it difficult for many young urban professionals, or the “Yuppies” as they call it, to avail of their own homes early on. Others choose to rent apartments, which will never be theirs even in the long run. With the pandemic since 2020, home investors tend to slow down on the purchase due to uncertainty, however, this is the perfect time to secure a house and lot investment. For one, while preselling properties are at affordable prices, these affordable house and lot packages and enticing promos, like longer downpayment terms, do not last a lifetime. It is usually only available over a short period and will not wait at your convenience. Simply put, it means we need to hasten our decision-making process. The faster, the better. Another reason is that prime units are available at a limited time since everyone is vying to get the best location available. Some questions homebuyers usually have in mind are:

  • Is it a corner lot? 
  • Is it facing the morning sun?
  • Does it have a big lot area? 
  • Is it along the main road? 
  • Does the price fit our budget and income?

Many questions arise when one decides to take hold of the dream of owning your home for the very first time. The good thing, though, is that there are a lot of options to choose from, most especially when you are still young and of age to acquire a property already. You can allot time to differentiate and compare investments that you think will probably help your future endeavors.

Young working individuals aspire for a property but somehow get caught up with the trend nowadays. Trying desperately to enter the latest fashion via the OOTDs, high-speed gadgets, and the likes make it all the more “impossible” for them to acquire such, or so they say. Why? Because the remaining budget cannot suffice the need to pay for the supposed-to-be-amortization. Add to that the hassle of spending their hard-earned money on coffee shops, travels, and fancy stuff doubles the jeopardy.

At the end of the day, we ask ourselves, where do our savings go? Is it worth it to pay the rent to landlords for the rest of our lives, or do we deserve to have our own home? These are questions worth pondering on.

If you agree that you deserve to have your own house and lot, then be ready to take the beautiful and perfect investment.

There are factors to consider as we begin to choose to live the Homeowner lifestyle. There are disciplines. There are considerations. There are boundaries. There are the whats and the hows. Here are some of the aspects which can help you settle in for Homeownership:

1. Good Credit Standing

If you intend to purchase a property through a Bank Financing, you must have a good credit standing in banks. You have to maintain your best performance in payment dues and interests prior, for loan approval.

2. Enough Money for the Downpayment

Developers offer several payment terms options. It is fortunate that there are different promos for buyers, including long downpayment terms. Grab that opportunity.

3. Prepare for the Maintenance in Owning a Home

Keeping a savings account secure your future need for future repairs, just in case something comes up that needs an expert to assume the work. It would require budget and expertise as well.

4. You Debt is Under Control

With a responsibility of paying the monthly amortization and the daily expense that comes with it, you have to take an extra grip on budget management.  You can never exceed you capacity to pay. Learn to control your expenditures and prioritize your house and lot payment schedule on time.

5. The Right Time is NOW

The real estate market is ever changing. So, always be in the lookout. You may find the price affordable at the moment and then notice a sudden increase in price the following day. That is because, good investments tend to appreciate its value, and at a time you least expect it.

These components are merely reminders that we should learn to be responsible in handling future obligations particularly which concerns our desire of acquiring a property.  It gives us that sense of value in effective money disposal which will eventually make us realize that we could have done it earlier.

And then there are butterflies, birds humming in the morning waking you up, silent nights where you can talk to the stars alone, and clutter your room for all you want merely because you are living in your very own space. Now thinking which quality and affordable house and lot to start of your investment? Fortunately, we have Lessandra communities nationwide to help us determine the details of our ideal residence. Lessandra, a quality and affordable house and lot developer, has geographic reach ranges to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Lessandra homes have the best locations, situated near different types of establishments to cater to your needs. You can choose among the bestseller areas where there is limitless growth for investments and a wide range of promising deals that would absolutely suit your budget needs.

Now is the best time for you to take that beautiful and perfect opportunity to invest in real estate. Don’t let the opportunity pass - in the end, it is all worth it!

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