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Whitewater Rafting in Cagayan de Oro


Upsides of Living in the City of Golden Friendship

May 28th, 2021 | Share via:

A city that offers the best of the best. That is the kind of life waiting in the city of Cagayan de Oro (CDO), one of the most progressive cities in Misamis Oriental province. Known as “The City of Golden Friendship”, there is a promising life waiting for homebuyers and property investors—from the economic growth of the city, the tourist-famous spots, and the welcoming environment of CDO as a residential place.

The Progress

One of the factors that make Cagayan de Oro a compelling lifetime settlement is its abundance of opportunities and probability of progress. The city of CDO has many reputations due to its remarkable economic growth. Among the many names of the city are “Northern Gateway of Mindanao” and “Melting Pot of Mindanao”.

The upside of CDO first lies in its accessibility and connectivity to other points in the country. Given that it is the “Northern Gateway of Mindanao”, CDO is accessible through different modes of transportation. One of the developments making CDO easy to reach from other points in the country and the world is the Laguindingan International Airport. Also, the busiest government port in Northern Mindanao is in the city, the Port of Cagayan de Oro.

Laguindingan International Airport
Laguindingan International Airport

Photo source: Wikipedia

Aside from these connections from far points, the road development within CDO is also remarkable, enabling the locals to reach point-to-points within the city swiftly and easily.

Big names and corporations from different industries—oil, fuel, power and energy, telecommunications, to name a few—also invested in this city in Misamis Oriental given its prime location. CDO is considered a link for trade to different parts of the Southern Philippines.

Of course, economic growth within a place will not continuously go up without human resources. CDO thrives in human skills and resources as it has numerous reputable universities. More than the pool of opportunities, the city is also equipped for quality education and training for the locals.

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The Adventure

CDO is famous for many things. One of the main reasons why this city in Misamis Oriental is visited by many from all over the country and the world is its reputation as the “Adventure Paradise of Mindanao”, and the “Whitewater Rafting Capital of the Philippines”.

Whitewater rafting, the adventure activity CDO is most known for, is a water sport with different levels of difficulty, depending on the “wildness” of the rapids in the river. On an inflatable raft, people looking for an energy boost and excitement can experience a thrilling activity paddling and conquering the wild waters, fully geared with safety equipment.

Whitewater Rafting in Cagayan de Oro
Whitewater Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

Photo source: Vigattintourism

All over the city, there are tons of whitewater rafting spots visitors can explore, or even visit over and over again. CDO tops the best whitewater rafting place because more than its numerous wild rapids to explore, it also offers cheap prices for whitewater rafting adventure experience in the country. Because of the increasing number of tourists coming to the city to try this thrilling adventure, numerous rafting operators can be tapped within CDO.

Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro
Paragliding in Cagayan de Oro

Photo source: Out of Town Blog

Another nerve-wracking activity to try in CDO is paragliding. The famous Korean Drama “Crash Landing On You” made most of its viewers want to try this thrilling sport. In the country, CDO is one of the places where anyone can take a shot at paragliding. Granted that this activity requires courses as it is among the undeniably dangerous sports, this thrilling adventure is still available for non-professionals or beginners to try, with a professional companion while doing the activity.

Aside from the mentioned exciting activities, there are also other thrilling adventures worth trying in the city such as Ziplining, Kayaking, Canyoneering, and Hiking.

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The People

The ultimate upside of living in the City of Golden Friendship is, of course, the people. CDO locals are described as warm and welcoming people, making life in this city more ideal and preferable. CDO is a place favored not just because of its numerous adventure spots or its economic status but also because of the locals and potential neighbors awaiting in the place.

The hospitality of locals makes the tourists’ visit to Cagayan de Oro an unforgettable experience. Despite the many unique spots and activities to try, the welcoming smiles of the residents accommodating the visitors increase the place’s charm as an ideal future home for many.

Considering to move in a place does not mean looking solely at its beauty. It is also about the people and culture existing within its boundaries. It instills immediate comfort and assurance, a vital factor when considering neighborhoods and communities for a future home.

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Within Lessandra Peak, there are community amenities nearby these rows of affordable house and lots in Cagayan de Oro that add up to the satisfaction and contentment felt by each homeowner within the subdivision. This community also guarantees that the properties and house and lots are close to conveniences and necessities such as malls, schools, hospitals, and churches.

From CDO’s fame and progress to the hospitable trait of each local, the place proves to be one of the most ideal places in the country to build a life, and build a home that lasts ‘til the future. The City of Golden Friendship offers an exciting and relaxing life surrounded by opportunities and progress brought by the city’s promising growth.

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