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achieving a stress free lifestyle in a city living environment


Achieving a Stress-free Lifestyle in a City Living Environment

August 18th, 2021 | Share via:

If you were to choose between an urban or rural area, which would you prefer? According to the census, more people currently live in the urban area, where many are gathered at shopping areas during weekends and busy working during weekdays. That is how life goes when you live in the city.

With the ongoing pandemic, (more) people spend more time at home because of the work-from-home set-up. Other than the work-from-home set-up, people also tend to spend more time working as recreational and entertainment gatherings have been prohibited. Choosing a busy lifestyle is a way to fight boredom and stress in the city, coping up in this new normal society.

Each day, we get to spend everything in cycles. What we did yesterday is just like today and will be the same as tomorrow. Waking up, going to work, and getting home at 6 o’clock at night.

Living in the city plays a big part in our lives, presenting many advantages in different aspects. Daily necessities are within reach. Everything is available anywhere - from clothing stores to grocery stores, water refilling stations, drug stores, and a lot more. Everything is visible in every corner of the city. We get to eat what we want and crave for easily as restaurants are all over the place. Health and medical facilities are also accessible.

We get to live conveniently when we are in the center of the city, and we get to address our needs and wants with our hard-earned money.

Photo by Kamran Gholami from Pexels

However, living in the city also has its downsides. City living somewhat demands a hectic and fast-paced life. There are also many stressors - even the noise and pollution in the city are enough reasons to get you easily stressed out, and sometimes, we wish time could slow down a bit so we can all catch up.

The hectic life, at times, can be too stressful for our own good.

Living in the metropolis

A higher percentage of the population live in the metropolis. Unfortunately, the percentage of unemployed individuals are also increasing rapidly annually, and are choosing to stay in the city. That is not surprising as urban areas present more job opportunities with the area’s ongoing developments. The wage rates are also different between the city and the province with the city having much higher wage rates. However, some fail to consider that the cost of living in the city is usually much higher as compared to suburban areas and provinces.

Again, the stress of city living is, more often than not, not factored in. The competitiveness in the city at times pushes people to lose rest and even sleep. And we go back on how we try to destress – by shopping until we drop.

Coping up with the busy lifestyle

Before the pandemic, it was easier to destress for many of us. It was only usual back then to go shopping more than a few times in a month, go grocery shopping, or dine at buffet restaurants to cope up with the stress in the city. Nowadays, with the new normal, people find destressing by buying stuff online and going for food deliveries, which are much more convenient but a lot less fun.

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Whether online or not, the easy access to these makes it also easier to splurge even on unnecessary stuff to quench the stress. With that, it is only after a few days after spending before we realize that we’ve spent more than what we should. Worse, we sometimes end up asking ourselves ‘where did my savings go?’.

Shifting from short-term happiness to long-term fulfillment

The question that ponders may be how to make city life less stressful? While shopping and spending help you get by, there is another way to permanently address the stressful lifestyle. Spend your hard-earned money on long-term investments and experience the life you want sooner than later.

Instead of splurging on luxuries and consumer items, start allocating your money to investments. One of the best investment options in the market is real estate. Real estate is a lucrative source of income. Property value continues to appreciate over time. You are assured that your money will continue to grow. You can also choose to have your property leased or rented out.

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The income generated from your real estate investments can help you attain financial stability, which, in turn, can help you retire sooner and live a comfortable and less stressful life.

Aside from income generation, you can turn the property you buy into your permanent home, where you can relax and feel at ease after a long day. Having your own space could give you the breather you need which renting in, for example, an apartment can’t. You would feel more secure knowing that you are in your own abode.

The best community to invest in

Whether your property investment will serve as an income source to secure your future or a permanent home, you should buy a house and lot where your best interests will be served.

A topmost consideration is the location. Choose a home where you get to spend your days with the convenience offered by the city, yet provide a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. A community wherein daily necessities and important services are within reach. A community wherein relaxing spots and attractions are also accessible, should you want a quick getaway.

Aside from being in close proximity to life’s necessities, choose a community wherein, in itself, provides your needs: security for peace of mind, amenities for holistic living, and quality homes for daily comfort.

Price is also one of the important factors in real estate investment. Invest in something you can afford. Nowadays, you can find quality and affordable house and lots in suburban areas, making it easier to invest in properties.

One of the well-known property developers in the country is Lessandra. Recognized by the London-based website Start Up Pill as a start-up real estate company worth a follow, Lessandra provides quality and affordable house and lots coupled with its innovative tools that make homebuying easy.

Lessandra communities are located in progressive areas close to commercial establishments, major road networks and infrastructure, medical facilities, and other daily necessities. Lessandra homes are not only close to nature and attractions but are also home to a green environment with its greenery and parks inside its exclusive subdivisions.

Living in Lessandra homes feel like living in the metropolis with all the conveniences available, yet feel like staying in a suburban community with the maaliwalas life it provides. Additionally, security is not a problem with the 24/7 security in place through station and roving guards.

As you shift from spending on short-term happiness to long-term fulfillment, the satisfaction and pride also elevate. Choose to create and live a stress-free life with your investment decisions now.

Lessandra is an affordable house and lot developer offering maaliwalas home spaces nationwide. To know more about affordable properties in Lessandra, visit the Lessandra House Listings. To find out how to buy a house and lot in the Philippines, go to Lessandra Guides and FAQs.