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Exploring The Booming Municipality of Malvar, Batangas

September 23rd, 2021 | Share via:

When Philippines is mentioned, the first place that comes to every Filipino and even tourists’ mind is Manila since Manila is the capital of the country and where the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located.

However, there are so many more places in this tropical country that locals and foreigners can explore and enjoy. You also don’t have to go far from the Metro if that is a concern to you since there are many vibrant and must-visit places just a few hours away from the Metro, just right for a perfect vacation just like Malvar, Batangas.

Visiting Batangas Province

Batangas Province has an existing tagline of “All Here, So Near!”. From these words, you can already imagine how fun it would be to visit the Province of Batangas. There are several nearby beaches, mountains, hotels and resorts, and fun water sports for visitors who like outdoor activities. If you like to go shopping, malls are also on every corner. Every tourist spot and attraction in the Province of Batangas will surely capture your attention.

There are a lot of cities in Batangas which will make you fall in love more with the province. Every municipality has its unique factors that will make you come back again and again. Let’s explore one of the fast-progressing cities in Batangas Province that nowadays we often hear about, the Municipality of Malvar.

Getting to know the Municipality of Malvar

Located between Lipa City and Tanauan City, this town is surely one of the municipalities in Batangas Province that is fast developing. The Municipality of Malvar can be accessed via the STAR Tollway, which is the gateway to Manila. With its 15 barangays, Malvar gives more than enough reasons why you should pay it a visit.

The town is mostly surrounded by commercial establishments, making it convenient for the residents to buy their daily needs. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Alfamart, and Ministop are everywhere.

For nature lovers, you can certainly find Malvar Batangas tourist spot one-of-a-kind and would fall in love with it.

Famous Calijon Falls

From Malvar, Batangas, you can clearly see the beautiful sight of Mt. Makiling.

A favorite in Malvar, Batangas tourist spot is the Calijon Falls, formerly known as Calejon. It has four waterfalls in total; 2 major waterfalls, one of which is 10 feet high, and two smaller ones. Calijon Falls is a source of fresh and potable water and is even a distributor of mineral water. If you want to take a reprieve from the hustle of the city and have a relaxing time in Malvar, Calijon Falls should be on your list.

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Commercial Establishments

There is a long list when it comes to the establishments in the Municipality of Malvar. A fast developing and progressive area, Malvar has numerous shopping malls, medical centers, restaurants, among other establishments, making life convenient.

In addition to its shopping malls, Malvar is also near The Outlets in Lipa, which is a 9.3 hectare outlet destination offering the brands of Nike, Adidas, Puma, Dickies, H&M, Guess, and many more. For its food chains, there is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, 60’s Diner, Giligan’s, Purple Beetle Cafe, Ippon Yari, Little Big Bowl, etc.

Food Hubs

Craving for Filipino foods or International cuisine? In Malvar, Batangas you can check out a lot of food hubs in every corner.

The Grove Park in Malvar, Batangas is a popular option as it offers extraordinary and exceptional food hubs perfect for everyone. This commercial center has Romantic Baboy, Mouse Hole, Red Ribbon, Assi Korean Mart, Mang Inasal, and Ramen Co.

Satisfy your cravings and enjoy a meal with your family and friends and enjoy these restaurants:

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Ramen Co.

For Japanese food lovers, Ramen Co. will not fail you. They offer various flavors of ramen and sushi for your liking and, of course, most of everyone’s favorite, Gyoza! 

Romantic Baboy

Welcome K-pop and Korean Drama Lovers, it’s time to turn on the fangirl/fanboy mode and get to experience different Korean snacks, desserts, and other foods that are usually seen in the dramas. 

For those who love samgyeopsal (Korean Barbecue), Romantic Baboy can be your go-to place!

Busan PH Malvar

This newly opened Korean Street Food Stall in Malvar that everyone’s been talking about nowadays and has captivated the locals’ hearts is ready to serve your favorite K-street foods with savoring flavors (Tteokkbokki, Fish Cakes, Gimbap, Bibimbap, Ramyeon, Pajeon, Mandu, Japchae).  You can visit them at San Juan Road, San Fernando, Malvar, Batangas. This place is also perfect for your Instagram feeds!

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The ideal community of Malvar, Batangas

Since the Municipality of Malvar is surrounded by numerous establishments, you can witness every day how fast the progress and the development of the town runs. The economic growth of Malvar, Batangas creates opportunities for businesses and investors, enticing them to invest in the municipality.

With all the developments, it is not surprising why many are looking at Malvar for property investment – either for primary home or for investment purposes. An exclusive community offering quality yet affordable house and lots in Malvar and perfect for individuals and families searching for home investment is Lessandra Malvar.

Lessandra Malvar
Lessandra Malvar

Strategically located near establishments and Malvar Batangas’ tourist spot, Lessandra Malvar is an ideal home and property location. It offers cozy, quality, and affordable house and lots in a maaliwalas community complemented by open space and recreational amenities.

Lessandra Malvar is located along along San Andres Road, Brgy. Santiago, Malvar, Batangas, just across the LIMA Technology Center, convenience and accessibility at its finest.

Explore now the booming municipality of Malvar, Batangas and see for yourself the beauty of this location - this town might just be your new favorite place. And when you do, visit Lessandra’s affordable house and lots in Malvar, because who knows? You might just want to stay here for good.

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