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food hubs and restaurants near lessandra san jose


Food Hubs and Restaurants near Lessandra San Jose

October 28th, 2021 | Share via:

One of the common types of videos done by vloggers and influencers is “Mukbang”, a Romanized South Korean word that means “eating broadcast.” These videos show people eating tasty-looking foods in one sitting, with most garnering millions of views. This type of video encourages viewers either to do the same or to try out the featured foods vloggers and influencers ate during their videos.

Chill Spots near Lessandra San Jose

As Filipinos naturally love to eat, San Jose City in Nueva Ecija is a great destination when it comes to trying out new dishes and flavors. There are a lot of food hubs, restaurants, street markets, and coffee shops that are all mukbang-friendly places.

Just a few minutes away from the maaliwalas community of Lessandra San Jose are different food hubs and establishments that are perfect for mukbang goals. From famous drinks to unique dishes, the food hubs in San Jose City satisfy cravings caused by the mentioned type of videos. Aside from the flavorful foods and unique drinks, these spots are also great hangout places for friends and families.

Here are a few must-try cafes and food hubs near Lessandra San Jose:

1. SiR Treb Hugot Pag-ibig Café

SiR TREB Hugot Pag-ibig Café is famous for its unique and quirky way of making the spot a perfect barkada place. Their interior design is also reflective of their name, as there are wall decals of “hugot” lines all over the place. “Hugot”, in colloquial terms, pertains to “heartbreak” lines masked by humor.

sir treb food hub near lessandra san jose
sir treb food hub near lessandra san jose

Photo source: SiR Treb Hugot Pag-ibig Café Facebook Page

Keeping consistent with the coffee shop theme, this cafe also serves the typical barkada favorites, with their bundle menus named after the commonly used slang terms like Frenny meal for groups of 4 people, Bessy meal for groups of 5 people, Tropapips meal for groups of 6 to 8 people, and the Dabarkadz meal for groups of 8 to 12 people.

SiR Treb Cafe serves widely popular drinks like frappes and coffees, making the place also a great spot for just chilling and relaxing with friends and family. A few minutes away from Lessandra San Jose, this highly recommended hangout spot is located at Tobias St., Brgy. Bantug, Science City of Muñoz.

2. Theolo’s Café

Theolo’s Cafe is one of the mukbang-friendly spots in Nueva Ecija. This cafe is well-loved because of its light and comfortable interior. Theolo’s Cafe serves homemade pastries and sandwiches, a great partner for the wide selection of coffee blends available in the place.

theolos cafe food hub near lessandra san jose
theolos cafe food hub near lessandra san jose

Photo souce: Theolo’s Café Facebook Page

As a great mukbang spot, Theolo’s cafe also offers dishes such as Theolo’s Crispy Pata, Seafood Hotpot, Shrimp Thermidor, Baked Scallops, Baby Back Ribs, Creamy Lengua, Fish and Fries, Calamari Fritters, Spring Chicken, Crispy Boneless Chix Feet, Spring Rolls, and Steamed Siomai. With its wide variety of menus, Theolo’s Cafe is also perfect for birthday parties and celebrating milestones.

During the pandemic, Theolo’s Cafe also encouraged drive-thru, delivery, and park-and-go system, ensuring the safety of customers. A few minutes away from Lessandra San Jose, Theolo’s Cafe is located at PTT Abar 1st, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

3. BO’s Coffee

With 25 years of experience, Bo’s Coffee has branched out all over the country. Among the served items in the cafe are quick brew coffees, cakes, cake tubs, and baked goods. There are also coffee beans and other merchandise that are great souvenirs and gift ideas for loved ones who are coffee enthusiasts.

bos coffee food hub and restaurant near lessandra san jose
bos coffee food hub and restaurant near lessandra san jose

Bo’s Coffee is also well-loved because of its great ambiance and interior design, perfect for social media postings. As a local brand, Bo’s Coffee makes a point to adapt the Filipino trait of Bayanihan, partnering with local startup brands all over the Philippines like Theo and Philo Chocolates, Bayani Brew, Anthill Fabric Gallery, Tsaa Laya, Bote Central, AGREA Coco Sugar, and Hope in a Bottle.

One of the branches of this homey cafe is located near Lessandra San Jose, at Brgy. Malasin Shell Compound, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

Maaliwalas Life in Lessandra San Jose

Having a home close to establishments offering great choices for foods and drinks increases the satisfaction of living in the area. Knowing that there are nearby places to unwind and relax offers a different kind of comfort, as there are available places to relieve stress from the day to day life.

More than these nearby food hubs in San Jose City, Lessandra San Jose is also remarkably close to establishments to each homeowners’ needs, making life even freer from worries. The community is close to malls, schools, hospitals, and churches. Travel is also convenient, as Lessandra San Jose is along the Maharlika Highway, where there are nearby transportation hubs.

affordable house and lot for sale in lessandra san jose
affordable house and lot for sale in lessandra san jose

Lessandra San Jose is a safe and secured, maaliwalas community located at Brgy. Caanawan. This subdivision offers quality and affordable house and lots in San Jose City, a great option for homebuyers looking for the best property investment.

A home space complete with everything. The residents of Lessandra San Jose also revel in the progress and beauty of Nueva Ecija province. In addition to the opportunities in San Jose City, the area is also surrounded by equally progressive cities, offering more opportunities for the San Jose locals. Added with the beauty of the tourist spots all over Nueva Ecija province, choosing to live in San Jose City and Lessandra San Jose is a great life and investment decision, one filled with great returns.

Lessandra is a real estate developer offering quality and affordable house and lots in the Philippines. Homeowners revel in the communities’ guaranteed 24/7 safety and security and strategic locations near prime spots nationwide. To know more about the affordable house and lots available, visit Lessandra House Listings. For more information about the strategically located communities, visit Lessandra Project Listings. For a detailed guide on how to buy a house and lot in the Philippines, visit Lessandra Guides and FAQs. More food finds and local travels reads are available at Lessandra Blogs and News.