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The Best Coffee Shops and Chill Spots in Tanza, Cavite

November 18th, 2021 | Share via:

One of the ways employees and students de-stress before the pandemic is by hanging out every Friday to celebrate getting through a stressful week. Going to coffee shops is a great way to bond with friends if you do not like to sip the alcoholic drinks on the menu of bars and restaurants.

If you are living in the municipality of Tanza, Cavite, there are several cafes where you can get served with good food and the best coffee and tea, which fare from quality beans and leaves. These places are perfect for studying or even catching up with your pals.

If you are looking for a chill spot in Tanza, there are various shops you can visit. All you have to do is find the establishments serving the best cup for locals.

Most popular coffee shops in Tanza

When thinking about the best coffee shops in Cavite, people have different criteria. Some base their judgment on how Instagrammable the place is while others rate coffee shops in Cavite by how fresh they serve their iced drinks, cappuccino, sandwiches, and dessert. Here is a list of the most popular coffee shops in town.

Coffee Project

Coffee Project is located in Vista Mall Tanza along Tanza-Trece road. Coffee Project is not just your ordinary coffee shop in Cavite. Coffee Project is a world-renowned local coffee shop. It boasts its homegrown single-origin coffee beans and is one of the World's Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops, according to the travel website Big Seven Travel.


In addition to serving their guests fresh coffee, meals, and dessert, Coffee Project in Tanza is one-of-a-kind because of its rustic and vibrant interior design. The flowers and greens truly complement the vibe of this coffee shop. You can say that Coffee Project is one of the best chill spots not just in Tanza, but in the south as well.

Go N’ Chill

Go N’ Chill is located at Brgy. Paradahan 1, just in front of Tanza National Trade School. The target market of this restaurant are students aged 13-18, which means that its food price is not expensive. Though it has a budget-friendly price, it does not compromise on quality. This restaurant does not only serve coffee and pastries, they also serve Premium milk teas, frappe, iced drinks, milkshakes, authentic takoyakis, nachos, chicken wings, hotdogs, burgers, and fries.


And just like Coffee Project, Go N’ Chill has an Instagrammable background that is perfect for that perfect pic.

Best Restaurants in Tanza, Cavite

Aside from coffee shops in several barangays, Tanza also offers restaurants where you can chill and enjoy delicious food with your loved ones. These restaurants sometimes offer catering services as well if you need food served in your house. Here are some of these restaurants.

Mangchai Café

Maangchai Café Tanza is located at 110 San Agustin Street, Biwas, Tanza, near F. Calderon Elementary School. This café and restaurant offers a variety of good food and drinks, and a relaxing ambiance where you can relax with your friends. This restaurant has also branched out to nearby cities as well.


Maangchai Café is a business that helps Filipino avail affordable yet quality milk tea products. They started brewing and creating milk tea beverages around 2018, and as their food doesn’t miss their customers’ taste buds, the company expanded its branches across the Southern Tagalog region.

4108 Dine & Chill Tanza Branch

If you are looking for a restaurant that can serve breakfast, lunch, and alcoholic drinks, then 4108 Dine & Chill Tanza Branch, located in Daang Amaya 1 Tanza, Cavite, is the perfect place for you and your buddies. Feel refreshed with their alfresco dining.


4108 Dine & Chill offers affordable comfort foods of the Philippines like sisig, calamares, silogs, and bulalo. The tables placed near the restaurant’s balcony are perfect for light drinking and sharing stories with friends.

Calle Real Restaurant

This restaurant is a picturesque place for people who enjoy taking selfies and posting on their Facebook accounts. Their food selection usually offers sizzling steaks, paellas, and more. This is perfect for people who has a wide variety of preferences in food.


Calle Real used to be one of Tanza’s oldest houses, dating back to the Spanish colonial period. If you love traditional dishes from Cavite like pancit choko, this is a must-visit place for you. Accordingly, their recipes have not changed over the years and were handed down from generation to generation.

Tanza as a place of residence

One of the upsides of Tanza is its accessibility to nearby towns and even to the metro. One part of this town is close to the urban lifestyle while the other is close to the maaliwalas life of the province.

Imagine yourself and your family living in a place where you could enjoy and experience these kinds of places and chill spots just a few minutes away from your home while still being close to the different commercial establishments and city-like life. If you are on to enjoy this kind of life, then Tanza might be the place you’d love to stay at. Worry not as Tanza does not only have plenty of coffee shops and chill spots, but it also has affordable house and lots.

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Living in a place full of options to fill your gastronomic desires can never go wrong, especially if your area offers even so much more than that.

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