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bicol new infrastructures 2021


Major Infrastructures to Look Forward to in Bicol

October 5th, 2021 | Share via:

The past couple of years have not been challenging to everyone due to the crisis caused by the pandemic. Despite that, there have been several efforts to keep possible improvements going in the nation, specifically in the Bicol Region. These improvements are gradually being realized, making Bicol a promising location for investors, tourists, those who wanted to have a property away from the metro, and even for Bicolanos who have been away from their home provinces. All these infrastructure development and improvements will soon make our everyday lives easier.

Listed in this article are big projects and improvements to look forward to in the fast-progressing region of Bicol.

 1. Bicol International Airport

Finally! This is what almost every Bicolano exclaimed upon hearing the news that the most anticipated project in the region is finally being launched this year. The Bicol International Airport is set to be opened for day flights on October 7, 2021, and is in its final stages of construction.

 Image source: DOT-V Exciting Bicol Facebook Page

Image Source: Department of Transportation

The 148-hectare airport complex has 2.5 km. runway (2,500 meters). It also has 17 buildings, including the 2-storey (13,680 sqm) Passenger Terminal Building. Because the region is frequently visited by typhoons, the buildings are purposely designed to be more typhoon-resilient. The airport is flood-free as well because it is strategically located on a plateau at Brgy. Alobo, Daraga, Albay. It is also situated 15 kilometers away from the majestic Mayon Volcano, compared to the old Legazpi Domestic Airport, which is just 12 kilometers away from the volcano.

The Most Scenic Gateway in the Philippines, as it is called this early, is expected to boost air traffic in the Bicol region, being able to accommodate an estimated 3,600 passengers daily and 2 million passengers annually when fully operational. At the same time, the economy and tourism will also boom not just in the province of Albay but in the neighboring provinces as well. Aside from the ease of access that the airport will provide to its passengers, the opening of BIA will also provide job opportunities. During its construction, 755 people were employed, and 1,100 permanent positions are currently being filled up for the operation of the airport.

Now, Bicolanos will have lesser worries when traveling to other countries because of the availability of an international airport in the region. The BIA is reachable by land travel from the following capitals and economic centers in the Region: 4 hours away from Daet in Camarines Norte; at least 2 hours and 15 minutes from Pili, Camarines Sur and Naga City; at least 15 minutes away from Legazpi City; and 40 minutes away from Sorsogon City

The full operation of the BIA is targeted by next year. Can’t wait for the time when everyone can freely travel via BIA conveniently!

2. International Cruise Ship Terminal in Legazpi City

Aerial view of the site where the International Cruise Ship Terminal is being constructed
Aerial view of the site where the International Cruise Ship Terminal is being constructed

Image source: Vince Villar via Rabas sa Bicol FB Page

Aside from air travel, a ‘mega tourism’ project near the seas is also in the works. The International Cruise Ship Terminal in Legazpi City, another first of its kind in the region and in Luzon, is currently being constructed along the Legazpi City Boulevard, just beside the newly-built Sawangan Park. According to SMNI News, the construction of the embankment and slope protection structure is 64.34% completed.

The ICST Project in Legazpi will have a seaport that can accommodate a 300-meter long tourism cruise ship. When completed, it will become the second city in the country after Tagbilaran City in Bohol to have an international passenger cruise ship terminal. The arrival of cruise ships in the terminal might only come once a month, but it will surely flock lots of tourists to the province, especially because of the majestic Mayon Volcano view and the countless beautiful destinations all over the region. This project aims to improve tourism in the country despite the pandemic. It is also expected to provide job opportunities to the Legazpeños and Bicolanos from neighboring provinces.

This is also being greatly anticipated due to the business opportunities it will bring to the city once it is opened. And what makes it more exciting is that this may also increase economic access to neighboring provinces and regions. Truly, this gateway in the South is also a gateway of opportunities.

It is advantageous to invest now in a property near the area of potential progress, which will become a business district soon enough. An ideal place would be in a community where affordable house and lots are being offered, just like in Lessandra Sorsogon. Surely, you’re not just investing in an elevated life with Lessandra but also in the accessibility to a location with endless opportunities.

3. Quezon-Bicol Expressway (QBEx or QUEBEx) 

Proposed segments of the Quezon-Bicol Expressway
Proposed segments of the Quezon-Bicol Expressway

Image source: DPWH

The travel time from Bicol to Manila by land and vice versa has always been a tiring journey. Not only it takes lots of hours, but it also includes being stuck in traffic jams at the busy streets of town proper along Maharlika Highway. At times, what adds up more to the total traveling time is the slow drive amidst long bumpy roads or through half-closed roads due to mudslides during hard rainy days. But imagine an expressway which will provide a means of seamless transport to and from Bicol. Well, good news for everyone. We don’t have to imagine, as this problem is being addressed now.

The Quezon-Bicol Expressway is a proposed 220-kilometer project that will extend from Brgy. Malicboy, Pagbilao, Quezon to the existing Maharlika Highway in San Fernando, Camarines Sur. The feasibility study for this expressway is already done and has been approved by the House Committee on Public Works and Highways. It aims to lessen travel time and to avoid passing through the mountainside and other fragmentary roads of Maharlika Highway, which has been the only route of motorists going in and out of Bicol. This expressway will definitely give great ease to travelers by shortening the travel time and providing a safer path for motorists.

4. Camarines Sur Provincial Capitol Improvement

Proposed new Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur
Proposed new Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur

Image source:

The old Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur has existed for a long time now and has shown safety hazards to the employees and people with transactions in the building. The Capitol will be replaced by not just a simple new building to house the provincial offices but a world-class yet eco-friendly infrastructure.

The design of the proposed new Camarines Sur Provincial Capitol was launched in 2018. It shows a multiple mountain-like structure horizontally, and when viewed from the top, it flaunts a unique spiraling organization of Pili nut-shaped husks, piled and appears like a flower. The concept was visualized with the following goals in mind: to construct an infrastructure that preserves culture and supports sustainable tourism, and at the same time, create a symbol that the locals and the nation will be proud of. Indeed, the shape of the building itself is an iconic symbol since the Pili nut is believed to be one of the origins of the name of Pili, the capital of the province.

The proposed building is said to be four storeys high. The ground floor will be a covered parking area, a multi-purpose lobby open for the public on the second floor, administrative offices on the third, and the governor’s quarters on the topmost floor. And since the project aims to be set apart from the rest, it was designed with multi-functionality and still within the allotted P500M budget.

If soon enough this project would be finished, the people in Camarines Sur would have another landmark to be proud of: an iconic Capitol Building which is accessible for everyone to visit, not just for formal businesses but for leisure as well. And if accessibility to such government offices and facilities is considered, investing in a property near them would be smart investment. It’s much more practical if it’s an affordable house and lot, just like the ones offered by Lessandra Pili. This community offers not just affordable house and lots but also the convenience and accessibility to major infrastructure.

There is a lot more to look forward to in Bicol. And at the same time, Bicol itself is a place to look forward to.

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