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discovering bacoor cavite


Discovering Bacoor, Cavite: Travel near the Metro

September 29th, 2021 | Share via:

With the current situation and continuous lockdowns currently going on in the country, a lot of Filipinos are already looking forward to the day when it’s safe to have leisure travels, go out, and hang out in common spaces without fearing for their health. The day lockdowns and quarantines are no longer needed is the day anyone can finally go for a road trip and visit different getaway spots.

Just 30 minutes away from Metro Manila, there are possible places you could go and visit, to satisfy your travel goals in just a short amount of time.

Bacoor, Cavite is just south of the Metro, the gateway for travelers going in and out of the country's capital. More than this, Bacoor also has tons of must-visit spots travelers can explore. Here’s a checklist of the best places to stay for a short while, and the best places to visit in Bacoor, Cavite.

Places to Stay in Bacoor, Cavite

Finding great staycations in a place elevated the whole travel experience. Within the city of Bacoor, there are hotels and resorts where tourists can stay overnight or for a couple of nights.

1. Cool Martin Resort

Cool Martin Resort is located at 185 Remedios Street, Andria Village, Bacoor City. A new hotspot in Bacoor, this hotel and resort provide a "home away from home" feeling for every tourist.

More than an ideal overnight getaway, Cool Martin Resort also has a restaurant serving American dishes. Within the place, there is a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, bar, sauna, shared lounges, and spaces for recreational activities like table tennis and darts. Visitors are definitely up for a comfortable experience in this resort, as more than the amenities it has to offer, there is also a 24-hour front desk and airport transfers, making travel for its clients hassle-free.

Photo source: Cool Martin Family Hotel Website

2. Golden Oasys Hotel

The Golden Oasys Hotel is located at Molino Road, Molino 4, Bacoor City. The hotel is a good choice for travelers looking for an affordable place to spend the night. The rooms in the hotel offer comfort for its guests, as they are all well-maintained and air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable temporary resting place after exploring the city.

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Places to Visit in Bacoor, Cavite

Despite its reputation as a gateway to tourist spots south of Metro Manila, there are also amazing destinations in Bacoor City offering a glimpse of history and a rush of adrenalin to each of its visitors.

1. Cuenca Ancestral House

Also known as “Bahay na Tisa”, the Cuenca Ancestral House was the residence of Juan Cuenca and Candida Chaves in Bacoor, which briefly became the seat of the revolutionary government during the Spanish inquisition, until it transferred to Malolos in Bulacan.

Photo source: Wikimedia

2. Bacoor Family Ecopark

Located in 21 Dela Cruz St., Phase II-A, Bacoor, the Bacoor Family Ecopark is a place filled with various recreational activities perfect for family gatherings. The place has 10 small kubo or nipa huts where guests could stay. There are also larger nipa hut stalls selling different merchandise, perfect for a remembrance of the trip.

Inside the Ecopark, there is a lagoon where visitors can go fishing and boat riding. Ideal for an event’s place for life’s milestones, Bacoor Family Ecopark has a multi-purpose hall that can be used for celebrations and conferences.

3. FlyXtreme Adventure

One of its offices located in Springville Homes, the FlyXtreme Adventure is for people who are looking to do extreme and thrilling activities. This Skydiving center offers paragliding experience in different open spaces in Cavite and nearby provinces. They also offer different kinds of flying adventures such as Paragliding Tandem, Intermediate flight, Special Tandem flight, Solo Pilot course, and Tandem Skydiving.

Photo source: FlyXtreme Adventure Philippines Facebook Page

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Places to Eat in Bacoor, Cavite

Aside from tourist destinations, there are also food finds and restaurants in the city of Bacoor where tourists can enjoy the different savory foods locals enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

1. Sebo Pacific Restaurant

Located in Panapaan, Bacoor, Sebo Pacific Restaurant is known for its cheap yet tasty steaks. Aside from its Bacoor branch, the restaurant is also present in other cities and municipalities in Cavite, making it one of the best go-to steakhouses in the province. This Bacoor restaurant also serve other dishes like chicken wings and bulalo, both among the commonly bought meals during squad hangouts in the place.

2. Clash of Burgers Restaurant

Located in Meadowood Village, the Clash of Burgers restaurant is famous for its recipe of burger meat, which customers love. Like the Sebo Pacific, this Bacoor restaurant is also present in other points in Cavite. Given their huge servings yet affordable offers of burgers, fries, nachos, and chicken wings, the Clash of Burgers is certainly one of the most-visited food hubs by the locals.

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While commonly overlooked by travelers passing by the city, Bacoor has a lot to offer. The city does not just serve as Cavite’s gateway to the Metro but is also a good place for people looking for places where they can cross off adventurous activities in their bucket lists, or explore more historical sites in the country.

More than amazing sites, Bacoor is also an ideal location to invest in a permanent home, given its proximity to Metro Manila. It is a great location choice for affordable houses and lots with the Lessandra communities present in the province.

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Lessandra community in Cavite
Lessandra community in Cavite

This maaliwalas community is easily accessible via major roads and highways like Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX), Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX), Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX), and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). There are also ongoing infrastructure projects within the city that guarantees more hassle-free travel like the LRT-1 Cavite Extension.

With all Bacoor has to offer, the place proves to be so much more than a gateway to all the tourist spots down south. Choosing Bacoor, and Lessandra in Bacoor, as the top location choice for forever homes is a great move not just for a secured future, but also for a worthwhile property investment journey.

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