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stay at home activities


Stay at Home Things to Do

October 7th, 2021 | Share via:

Every year proves to be a trying one, more so when 2020 started. The sudden shift in lifestyle and daily routines became one of the challenging adjustments caused by the pandemic. There are a lot of things that can’t be done at will—visiting loved ones, celebrating milestones, having yearly reunions, and many others.

For the past two years, staying at home had been one of the top advice to keep safe, and to protect others as well. With everything going on, everyone is surely more than ready to spend long hours outside and go on night-outs with friends and family. Everyone needs that vacation at a fancy hotel or enjoy the sun at the beach to relieve stress and boredom.

Simple Home Activities

To bridge the lack of freedom to unwind outside and go on vacations, a lot of people are sharing over the internet a lot of must-try indoor recreational activities at home. Almost everyone is ready to try out new things, just to keep the energy and excitement going. One of the new normal habits that became a common thing all over the world is trying out homemade alternatives—from restaurant menus, thrilling activities, and recreational stuff.

Here are some indoor recreational activities at home that you can enjoy, whether with your friends, special someone, family, or just by yourself.

1. Movie Night

Photo source: Getty Images / m_a_y_a.

Given the restrictions in public spaces, theaters and cinemas have been closed. While having movie nights at home has always been a pre-pandemic thing, 2020 made everyone look for easy and simple ways to level up home movie nights experience like bringing the cinema feel at home. What makes this activity more fun is its interchangeable and more personalized themes, one where you can change depending on your preferences.

Themed movie nights became a stay at home trend, and a lot of devices became much more accessible and affordable. Devices like mini projectors help level up the experience, as projecting the laptop or iPad screens at walls seems just as good as watching at cinemas, with the addition of having maximum comfort and intimacy. Also, movie nights at home are not just limited to the four walls of the room. It can also have an outdoor theme, setting the devices in your backyard or balcony.

Imagine watching your favorite movie while enjoying your homemade popcorn and drinks at the comfort of your home.

2. Learn a New Hobby

Photo source: Kettering University Online

For some, staying at home gave them a lot of free time. Or, the setup made them want to have free time, as being confined inside the house for long hours also entails a different kind of stress. One solution is learning a new hobby, as a way to relax the mind and exercise the body. Through the years, we tend to forget that it is also good for the health to spend time doing what we enjoy and love the most. Learning a new hobby can be the perfect time to reconnect with our old selves.

Learning new hobbies at home ranges from trying out instruments, playing mobile games, to joining DIY trends in social media. Trying out new and unique recipes on the internet, whether it may be food or drink. Taking time to spend trying out new things also means caring for your health.

3. Create Your Own Resort Experience at Home

Recreational space, swimming pool in a Lessandra community
Recreational space, swimming pool in a Lessandra community

Given the pandemic is still going on, almost everyone craves some refreshing activities like swimming, may it be in an indoor pool or under the sun at the beach, I know! We crave it all. That’s why here is one of the many ideas we can do to satisfy that craving while being home.

One thing to bump up the stay-at-home experience is by investing in a portable swimming pool, setting up a glimpse of the usual get-together activities families and groups of friends used to do before the pandemic. Portable swimming pools can be set up in extra spaces outside the houses like front lawns and backyards. Like movie nights, portable swimming pool setups can have personalized themes. This makes the recreation of relaxation by the beach possible even at home.

These top three home activities are just some of the many things you can try to have fun without risking safety and going outside. Looking at the brighter side of things is a necessary outlook to get through the challenges brought by the past years. Taking a break from the daily grind is still an essential thing to do, especially during times when uncertainty is one of the fears faced by many.

Safe and Secured Homes

What makes staying at home an even greater experience is by having a safe, secured, and comfortable home. Just north of the Metro, Lessandra Bulakan made it possible for you to enjoy staying home. With a wide range of well-planned houses, you can choose from a two-bedroom house to a five-bedroom maaliwalas home.

Affordable house and lots in Bulakan
Affordable house and lots in Bulakan

This subdivision is located at Brgy. Matungao, guaranteed to be safe and secured. Lessandra Bulakan is a perfect community where you can enjoy doing outdoor and indoor activities without any worries. It is surrounded by establishments catering to necessities, like the upcoming AllHome Bulakan just in front of the subdivision.

Lessandra Bulakan is near tourist spots, perfect for accessible vacation getaways once the pandemic is over. More than this, the community is also strategically placed as it is close to road developments, making travel outside the province an easy thing to do. Lessandra Bulakan is just a couple of minutes away from the New Manila International Airport, adding to the convenience of having major road networks like the North Luzon Expressway nearby.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a community where all your needs are just around you, where hassle-free transactions and flexible terms are guaranteed. Live in a community where you can grow while your investment grows. Choose the best and choose Lessandra Bulakan!

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