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home decorating ideas on a budget


Best Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

September 28th, 2021 | Share via:

After a long day, many people look forward to having a relaxing and comfortable time in their home. However, their mood can still be affected if they’re going to a home that’s too simple or bare. 

Since many home decors don’t come cheap, it’s completely understandable that many of them find it hard to make their space cozy. Yet, there are many great ideas out there that can help them redecorate with just some low-budget home decor and creativity.

Here are some of the best home decorating tips for those who are on a budget

1. Decluttering

Most people don’t typically notice that they have hoarded many things through the years. That is, until recently. They likely only realized this once they noticed that their space had become messy and cluttered.

However, it can be very challenging to make a home neater and more welcoming. Yet, through decluttering, it can be easier to see the improvements needed to make their homes more inviting.

2. Going Through Items

People who have decluttered will have likely found many items they have not used for a long time or have forgotten about. They can use some of the items to redecorate their homes and give them a new look.

So, even though they have been stored for a long time, these items can still be used for something. For example, moving wall decors can bring a fresh vibe to a home.

3. Rearranging Furniture

Rearranging furniture can undoubtedly do wonders for a home’s ambiance and appearance. This is one of the most fantastic home decorating ideas on a budget people can use these days.

This is because doing so can give homes a fresh look. Aside from this, homeowners can also discover things they forgot they had. In addition, there’s no need to spend money when trying various furniture placements.

4. Installing Mirrors

Most people think that mirrors are only made for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, they can be installed anywhere in the house. For example, people can place a mirror on a wall if they can’t think of anything to hang there.

Another advantage of using mirrors is that they can make a space brighter since they reflect light. Still, to save on costs, it’s recommended to go to thrift stores to get decent mirrors at more affordable prices.

5. Adding New Colors

Repainting is another one of the home decor ideas best recommended for homes with dull walls. After all, a new color scheme can make a space brighter. While it can seem daunting, people will eventually realize it’s not that difficult. They only need to set aside some time to do it.

Moreover, to make this more enjoyable, people can seek help from their friends and bond by painting walls. They can even try painting every room with a different color or experiment by having one room wall painted differently from the rest of the rooms. They can also include the ceilings when repainting.

White is the most common color people choose, but trying other colors such as yellow or lavender can add a touch of elegance to the space.

6. Painting the Door

Similarly, homeowners can also be bold on the front door by painting it with a unique hue, such as yellow, red, or blue. This low-budget home decor idea can make a house stand out more from other homes, especially those with typical brown doors.

Not only does repainting the door make a difference on the outside, but it can also change the inside since its new look can give a home a different vibe. Additionally, placing a nice doormat and potted plants can make a home more refined.

7. Using Lamp Shades

Lamp shades can significantly make a space cozier since they can have a different look, thanks to the new shade coming from the lampshade. However, these simple home decors may work differently for people, so they will need to check what works best for their space.

8. Doing a Bathroom Makeover

Just like the other parts of the house, bathrooms will need makeovers, too. However, the changes don’t need to be considerable. For example, a new shower curtain can significantly change how the space looks.

Likewise, adding new colored towels and other bathroom essentials can be a fantastic way to add a refreshing feel to a bathroom without breaking the bank.

Aside from this, another excellent low-budget home decor idea for people living near a beach is to collect shells there and use them as bathroom decor for a seaside feel.

9. Adding Plants

Adding plants is one of the simple home decors that work in any part of the house. For example, putting a small group of potted plants or a big plant in an area can make it feel more spacious. Similarly, bonsai trees can give a unique twist to bathrooms. Aside from this, homeowners can also hang decorative plants using a ceiling hook.

10. Putting a Picture Wall

Adding pictures to a home’s main wall isn’t just a practical home design idea, but it’s also an excellent way to preserve memories. Moreover, whenever homeowners pass by this wall, they can relieve all the good memories they experienced throughout the years.

Aside from this, a picture wall can also be an excellent conversation starter for when homeowners have guests over. They can even make it more stylish by recycling old window frames and using them for photos.

There are numerous home decorating ideas on a budget out there to help them when recycling their frames. 

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11. Cleaning the Bookshelves

Homes can sometimes look chaotic and messy because of dirty and cluttered bookshelves. Because of this, cleaning these bookshelves and rearranging the books can be excellent ways to redecorate a home while on a budget.

For example, books that they no longer read or plan to read can be given away. Too-tall books can be staked on a table to serve as a centerpiece. This is another fantastic idea when deciding on low-budget home décor.

Many people enjoy looking at their bookshelves since they love seeing other people’s book collections. In addition, they can also gauge someone’s tastes from their preferred books.

12. Decorating with Candles

Candles are another excellent way to decorate coffee tables or side tables in one’s home. For this, it’s best to choose candles with the same colors but in different shapes and sizes.

Doing this displays variety yet still allows them to blend in with the rest of the space’s decor. Likewise, homeowners can also use glass containers to hold the candles and creatively place them around their homes as simple home decors.

13. Repainting and Upholstering Furniture

Old furniture pieces that have been stored for a long time can still be used for redecorating if homeowners repaint them. Old wardrobes, chairs, and drawers can look and feel brand new once repainted.

This is a budget-friendly decorating tip since homeowners will only need varnish, paint, and sandpaper to do the job. While it can take a few hours to complete, it’s undeniably worthwhile since it can make a space feel brand-new without spending too much or throwing anything out.

Another way to save old furniture is to change the curtains and upholster pieces that need makeovers. Taking the time to improve old furniture can go a long way in making something old feel new again.

14. Being Creative

Another one of the best home decorating ideas on a budget is being creative by doing DIY projects. For instance, people who need a table but don’t have the budget can do it themselves using an old chair.

In fact, by making minor changes to the chair, they can turn it into something new and functional. Another example is using an unused ladder as a furniture piece. This unusual piece can be placed on a wall for holding other decorative pieces.

Similarly, the ladder can also be used to keep towels. Aside from these, old fruit cases made of wood can be used to make shelves and bookshelves.

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15. Using Plates As Decorations

Some people find it challenging to choose lovely decorations for their walls since they don’t want their walls to become too messy or bare. Moreover, it can be costly to buy new decors.

In this case, using plates as decorations can be an excellent idea. After all, they can find and buy affordable decorative plates from antique shops. In addition, collectors of China or plate can display their collections by hanging them on their walls.

16. Creating Personal Artwork

Personal artwork is another low-budget home decor that’s not just affordable but also showcases one’s character and adds some personality to homes.

It doesn’t matter if the artwork is painted or sketched; the more important thing to consider is framing their work to make the space where they’re hanging it more charming.

Similarly, those who like taking photos or have other creative outputs can use their work as decors. Aside from showcasing their talent, using their work as decors can make their space look unique and stand out from others.

17. Getting Fun Containers and Baskets

Fun containers and baskets lessen clutter in any space, and they also serve as fantastic decorative pieces. To give a space a homey feeling, adding some old-time wicker baskets is recommended. Of course, there are also modern options for those who want to keep everything neat and organized.

If these containers and baskets are correctly arranged, they won’t just be practical, but they can also be aesthetic.

18. Installing Fairy Lights

Good lighting can make any room look and feel cozy. Therefore, fairy lights are perfect for people who want to decorate their homes using soft lights. These decorative lights can make their homes more comfortable and inviting, especially at night.

These lights can be used virtually in any room that needs a little more warmth. They can also be used to wrap furniture pieces or frame particular things.

19. Displaying Collection

Many people enjoy collecting trinkets, such as stamps, flower impressions, old records, coins, books, and many others. In this case, they can use their collections as home decorations. Showcasing their collections at home is another fantastic way to let their personalities shine.

20. Putting New Hardware

Homeowners can see much difference when they install new cabinet handles, drawer handles, and other hardware. Adding new hardware to a home can make it look newer and comfortable. It can even make a home more convenient.

However, they should first assess if anything needs replacement or repairs before purchasing new hardware. Doing so can enhance the effects of this low-budget home décor idea.

21. Getting Pillows

Pillows at homes typically have two purposes. First, they give elegance to a room, especially when the correct pillows are chosen.

Second, they provide additional comfort to guests and can give a room a cozier feel. In this case, bigger and softer pillows can add to guests’ and homeowners’ comfort.

For this, it’s best to go for more oversized pillows instead of the standard 12- to 18-inch throw pillows. This is because overstuffed and oversized pillows can add a touch of elegance and richness to a space.

22. Using Labeled Containers as New Additions to Kitchens

It can be surprising, but adding labeled containers can also be a simple yet effective way to redecorate a home, especially kitchens.

Labeled containers can come in many designs, and they’re also functional since they can be used to organize kitchen items. Of course, homeowners can also reuse old containers and add labels to give them a brand-new look.

23. Getting a Rug

Another simple but effective way to give a space a fresher look is by getting a new rug. A new rug can give a space more warmth and coziness, especially in areas like bedrooms and living rooms. It can also tie all the pieces in a room together.

However, when picking out a rug, homeowners need to ensure that it blends well with the entire room’s aesthetic. After all, if it clashes with the other décor, the design’s theme can be confusing.

Many are interested in decorating their homes because it adds personality to their homes and can enhance the functionality of their spaces. Fortunately, homeowners can now find many pocket-friendly home decor ideas.

With that said, redecorating a home on a budget can be possible, especially if they have fantastic ideas and the willingness to carry them out.

Moreover, it’s highly recommended that they use the given tips when redecorating their homes. Not only will these help them save on costs, but they can also give them enough satisfaction and pride since these can make their space look unique and sophisticated.

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